We have a team dedicated to ensuring you make the decision that is right for your farm.

Our leasing agents are not commisioned based and specialize in advising you on the best possible choice for your farming operation, even if it means not using our leasing options. We hope to be your equipment provider for many years and to grow together as we make your wallet and property, a little greener.   


There is a reason why farmers, who have a firm grip on cashflow, are choosing to lease electric vehichles over purchasing them.

1.) No upfront cost makes it easier and cheaper to acquire several vehicles at a time without impacting cashflow.

2.) Leasing allows your business to keep operations running while using new equipment that is in optimal condition, which means less downtime for maintenance and repairs. 

3.) As the industry rapidly advances, so does the battery capabilities and software managening it. By leasing you remove the risk of making long-term payments on equipment that will rapidly depreciate in value.  

We have a team dedicated to helping you make the best decision. You can get started by clicking the link below. 

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