We have a team dedicated to ensuring you make the decision that is right for your school.

Our leasing agents are not commisioned based and specialize in advising your school on the best possible decision, even if it means not using our leasing options. We hope to be your bus provider for many years and to grow together to bring a little more green to your school budget and local environment.   


1.) No upfront cost makes it easier and cheaper to acquire several busses at a time without impact cash flow. 


2.) Cut out the gas costs associated with student transport.  When financed correctly the savings on gas should more than cover the cost of the lease so you can use that money where your school needs it. 


2.) Leasing buses instead of buying will free your school from the hassle of maintaining a long-term fleet and keep your vehicles new with fewer maintenance bills and less downtime.  


3.) As the industry electric bus industry rapidly advances, so does the battery capabilities and the depreciation speed of an electric bus purchase. By leasing, you remove the risk of making long-term payments on equipment that have little market value. .  

We have a team dedicated to helping you make the best decision. You can get started by clicking the link below. 

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